Q. How much is a renovated trailer?
A. Our base model starts at $18,900. Prices may vary depending on if you would like to include any add-ons or custom upgrades. A 50% deposit is required to claim a trailer and save a spot in our books. The remaining amount is due upon completion. 

Q. What's included in the price?
A. We will wire the trailer for shore power, put in a functioning sink, fresh paint, brand new fridge(s) and more SEE HERE 

Q. How do I save a build spot?
A. First: schedule a call with us! After our call we will send you an order form where you can choose things like stain color, backsplash, trim color, etc.  To claim a renovation start date (build spot) we will need a deposit. Click Here for more details on the process 

Q. Do you take custom orders?
A. Yes! We are taking custom orders. During our consultation call you can let us know exactly what you're looking for.

Q. What if I already have a trailer? Can you convert it for me?
A. Probably! First you’ll need to schedule a consultation call with us and send us photos of your trailer. We can usually purchase a horse trailer for you for $2k-$3k, so if your trailer is in good condition we can most likely take that amount off of our base price. 

Q. What's the turn around time?
A. The build itself takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Build dates are first come first serve. We will give you an estimated time frame before you send your deposit.

Q.  Do you offer financing? 
A. No, not at this time. We do accept all major credit cards if you choose to pay through our website.

Q. How should I store my converted trailer?
A. We recommend storing your trailer under cover when not in use. Most of our trailers can fit in a basic home garage. Horse trailers are NOT weather-proof. It is important to protect your converted trailer from the elements.

Q. Do you deliver or work with a service that delivers?
A. We can deliver up to 100 miles from Gilbert, AZ for a fee. We currently do not work directly with any delivery services, but you can check out websites like Shiply for quotes! 

Q. Are trailers “up to code”?
A. We do not guarantee that the converted trailers will pass any inspections or meet specific codes, including but not limited to health, DOT, electrical or other regulatory requirements. 

Q. Is there a warranty?
A. No. Due to the antique nature of these trailers we do NOT offer a warranty or refund after purchase. Most trailers are aged between 20-50 years, which means there will most likely be some *imperfections* which we think adds to the character of the trailers.